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preciseness & accuracy

We build our projects so they’ll last. And that’s why we use only the best materials!
When our clients hire our building services, there are big expectations. We will go above and beyond it!

Tiling & painting: Headliner


Our company usually use "Fermacell" fiber board which is much stronger than regular gypsum plasterboard.
"Fermacell" boards work as good as double gypsum plasterboards. So using it helps to have some great labour savings!


for your peace of mind

Timber is a natural material. It can have some movement due to temperature and humidity changes during the year.
That's why there are so called "shadow gaps" in our buildings fully disconnecting plastering from the timbers!
So you can relax and enjoy your timber building for the years to come!

shadow gaps in recent projects

shadow gap - walls vs ceiling (in the corner)
shadow gap - wall vs ceiling
shadow gap - two walls in the corner
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